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Drawing from extensive automotive experience, quality dealer feedback, and an always watchful eye on industry trends, AutoDataSmith has identified the need for comprehensive technology-based tools to assist dealer groups in maintaining accurate control over the ever increasing complexities of Information Management.

Our Main Skills

Expert Knowledge & Creatity Applied to Development

Here are a few examples of how our expertise and experience has provided solutions to our clients' common challenges.

  • Accurate sales team compensation payment and tracking
  • Common financial reporting across different manufacturers
  • Cash flow, Aged A/R, Inventory and floorplan payment timing
  • Monthly online report aggregation using consistent report formats
  • Deal tracking and analysis in a simplified view
  • Document management with permission-based sharing

User Experience

Web & Mobile Design

Automotive Financial Expertise

Complexity Consolidation

Customizable Interfaces

Innovative Ideas





Leveraging our Technology and Experience

6 Advantages to Dealer Groups


Our data extraction, parsing and migration process is seamless. Data points are pulled from different sources and cross-checked for consistency.


Our tools and methodology used for DMS data extraction have proven to be very effective, Our application has automated configurable Task runners to complete operations any internal desired.


With over 25 years of Automotive industry experience working within large dealer group environments, we are in a position to share this knowledge through and understanding through the tools, interfaces, and services offered.


Our products provide superior security and management control by incorporating granular permissions from the top application level down to individual user views. We incorporate enterprise encryption technology on all of our hosted solutions.


Our client support services and level 2 mission-critical support team is available to assist with all client needs.


We are skilled at identifying and defining complex reporting needs. We then plan, build, and deploy custom applications to efficiently meets those needs.

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WE ARE EXPERTS IN Digital Information Management

Custom Applications

We partner directly with Dealer Solutions Providers to enhance product and service programs with our extensive automotive industry experience.
Additionally, we provide various enterprise level Web-based DMS integrated frameworks using a .NET development stack.

Integrated Frameworks

Our specialty is providing highly integrated tools and interfaces of various Auto Dealer processes that are incorporated into Dealer Solutions Provider products and services.

Financial, Audit, Compliance Tools

Internal Compliance Management, Financial Trends, and Actionable Reporting are just a few of the various in-house modules we provide as options to our DMS Integrated Framework.

"The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective".

(Warren Buffet)

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